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We exist to help you create your imagination.


Much of the world around us is filled with technology that very few of us understand.

And while many people are happy being the end user of technology, many of us desire to know more.

We are curious.

Some curious people are satisfied understanding how something works.  But there is another breed - those of us who want to create our own things.  The knowledge necessary to create these seemingly magical devices can feel distant, overwhelmingly technical and simply too much to possibly learn.

It's like standing at the base of a mountain wondering how you will get to the top.

Our goal at the Programming Electronics Academy is to help you scale this mountain of knowledge and teach you the programming and electronics necessary to get you started prototyping your ideas.

That means we teach what is practical, what is useful, and what will get you off to a running start.

We use the Arduino platform as the basis for our curriculum.  It's a great place to start because it is at the threshold where programming and electronics come together.

It has also been designed specifically for people just getting started in prototyping.  In a world of technical things, it is pretty easy to get a handle on.  Arduino is also very affordable, and the software it uses is free and open source.

So if you want to know how an Arduino sketch works or how to interface your Arduino to the outside world or ever wonder what a pull-up resistor is for then you have landed in the right place.  We usually help the following types of people best:

  • You are an Electronics Hobbyist trying to wrap your head around prgramming Arduino.
  • You are completely new to Arduino and want to learn from the base up, with instruction that doesn’t assume prior electronics or programming experience.
  • You are a university professor or high/middle school teacher who wants to bring Arduino to your STEM class and need some training to get started along.
  • You have some experience in programming and want to learn how to use Arduino.
  • You have a daughter or son who is interested in technical things and you want to help cultivate it with some knowledge of your own.

We do our best to produce high quality, concise and useful tutorials about Arduino, so you can spend less time searching the web for answers and more time building your imagination.

I invite you to have a look around at some of our tutorials.  And if you haven't already, sign up for our free Arduino Course to get started on your awesome journey of discovery.

Meet Our Team:

E and I at Maker FaireMichael Cheich is first and foremost a father and probably the best husband that his wife will ever have.

He has a passion for learning  (which is good because he learns very slowly and if he didn’t have a passion he might not know anything).  In a former life he was a welder (Tig, Mig, Arc, Oxy-Act), a helicopter pilot (honest) and has dealt so much with safety that now he lights his eyebrows on fire just to live on the edge.

His experience in electronics is all from the school of hard knocks, where imprints of his forehead are scattered across the walls.  Fewer things make him happier than being able to rapidly prototype his thoughts into reality.

He enjoys teaching electronics prototyping as a volunteer and taking long walks on the beach.