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Arduino Cat6 Cable Tester :: Student Project

Arduino can be a great tool for making…well…more tools.

Because sometimes the right tool for the job makes all the difference. And sometimes that tool doesn’t exist quite how you want it to and needs made.

That’s what Robert Hausner (a student of our course) did when he built his Arduino controlled CAT6 Cable tester for a job he had been working on. It’s designed to hold the individual uncrimped CAT6 wires and perform continuity checks over freshly laid cable.Electrical Innards of an Arduino Cat6 Cable Tester

Robert built this from the ground up, inducing modeling a very nice and sturdy enclosure with his 3D printer.Completed encloser of the ARduino CAT6 Cable Tester

Pretty impressive!  It looks so well finished – like something I’d buy at a store.

He used some perfboard for soldering on LEDs and headers that would fit into the Arduino pins.LEDs soldered on Perfboard for Arduino Cat6 cable tester

This is what Robert had to say about our course and his project…

“Thanks to your course, and a lot of time learning I finished my first project yesterday. A custom Cat6 cable tester for testing cables for Solar plants wired communications link. Turned out the Arduino part now was the easiest.

Then needed to print the case and come up with a custom way to connect the uncrimped ends reliably for in the field testing.

But without learning how to program the Arduino could have never made this a functioning project.”

Thanks for sharing this cool project Robert!

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