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The Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners, 2nd Edition

Suitable for both beginners and experienced builders and developers, our flagship course gives you all the essential know-how (and useful tips) required to program unique, fully-functioning projects with Arduino from the ground up.

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What will I learn?

  • Fundamentals of Programming Arduino
  • Using Input / Output (IO)
  • Programming Control Structures
  • Pulse Width Modulation
  • Working with Arrays
  • Using Code Libraries
  • Creating Code Libraries
  • Writing User Defined Functions
  • Using Interrupts and Timers


  • No programming and electronics experience required.

Required Hardware

  • Arduino Compatible Board
  • USB Cable to plug in Arduino (A/B type)
  • LEDs AKA Light Emitting Diodes (10)
  • 10K potentiometer (2)
  • 220 Ohm Resistor (10)
  • 10K Ohm Resistor (2)
  • Jumper Wires (24)
  • Solderless Breadboard (1)
  • Pushbutton (2)
  • Alligator Clips (3)
  • Piezo Buzzer (2)
  • LM34 Temperature Sensor (2)
  • 1k resistors (2)
  • 100 ohm resistor (2)
  • Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) (2)
  • 10 µF electrolytic capacitor (2)
  • SN74LS14 inverting Schmitt trigger (1)


"The design and implementation of your coursework was just great. I learned so much."
-Peter Call, NJ, USA

"I thought the course was great, very well put together and easy to understand."
-Charles Monogan, NJ, USA

"No programming background, zip-zero-nada. I’m a 58 year old tradesman/contractor.

Had an idea I was kicking around and needed to utilize a microprocessor.

Couldn’t afford a an electrical engineer.

Completed your basic courses.

1st breadboard working prototype shortly after the course(s)."
-Mike Palmer, FL, USA

"You have an outstanding program here. I’ve learned Much and have applied much, thank you. You are an excellent teacher."
-Anibal Rodriguez, NY, USA

Course Description

  • Are you in the midst of building a project using Arduino? Or do you have a project in mind that you want to build using Arduino?
  • Do you wish you had a clear path to learning what feels like an insurmountable amount of information?
  • Do you want to really understand the code you load on an Arduino?
  • Do you want to add Arduino as a tool in your toolbox? With programming as a skill you can bank on to build whatever suits you?
  • Do you want to do more that just cut and paste code, but write your own?
  • Do you wish somebody would just lay out all the cryptic programming lingo in plain language with simple and straightforward explanations?
  • Do you want a simple and organized approach to learning programming with Arduino? Not something just basic – but something that tackles the tough stuff without requiring you know all the details already?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then you are the person we are trying to help with our course.

What we have done is put together a thorough training curriculum designed to take you from knowing next to nothing about programming, to being able to understand how to write your own programs for the Arduino (and maybe more importantly – how to think about your programs before you write them!)

The truth about mastering this technical stuff is that there are no shortcuts. Learning takes hard work. You have to stretch yourself. You must push yourself, and make yourself uncomfortable.

You have to get stuck, and unstuck and stuck again, and slightly unstuck and… That is learning.

When real learning takes place, then a sense of accomplishment and confidence can begin to develop.

Our training seeks to instruct you. It requires that you exercise your brain, to take some ideas and think about them and apply what you learn.

We have step-by-step instructions in many lessons, but often we challenge you to make your own changes. To tweak what you have learned.

We want to layout a path that you can follow, a scaffolding with which to develop your skills.

Our curriculum is built around concise and high quality training videos. All the videos are closed captioned and many have an accompanying transcript available for viewing. Relevant code used in the lesson is also available.

Length of Instruction: 13 hours and 20 minutes of HD video instruction. Closed Captioned.

Important Notes: The Arduino Crash Course (our freely available course) is the beginning of this instruction.

Course Outline

Immediate Lifetime Online
access to this course

Immediate Online
access to ALL our courses



“Outstanding explanation and diagrams, in depth detail and metaphors, the challenge activities are great” 
-Jason McMahon, Warrnambool, Australia

“I found the course just fit for me, because of the good division of the lessons and well covered topics.” 
-Oleg Zyabrikov, Moscow, Russia

“Easy to follow, added humor, and good content.  So far I am a satisfied customer!” 
-James Rauh, Texas, USA

“The project I am currently working on has now advanced in leaps and bounds. I am now starting to get the hang of reading other people’s sketches and adopting to what I require.” 
-Ken Houlihan, Australia