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Arduino Powered “Servo Bear” :: Student Project

If a bear says, “Leave me alone!”, you probably ought to get out of dodge, right?

Well, Steve Busik (a customer of PEAs), thinks otherwise, and has created a fun project that allows you to mess with a bear.

I think you’ll get a kick out of this project. And please, share this post with people who need a smile – they will get it!

Steve, why the heck did you build a “servo bear”?

I was asked by my Director to create something and bring it to work for “Bring Your Child to Work Day”.

How does your project work?

When the switch is closed by a person the “right arm” servo opens the box lid then the “left arm” servo turns off or opens the switch. The box is based on the don’t wake me, or useless machine I saw on YouTube.

What was your biggest struggle as you worked through this project?

Soldering… I’m horrible at it. I actually semi-burned the small switch causing some very erratic behavior. Finally after trouble shooting the wrong area found the issue.

Did the project end up as you expected?

Yes indeed. It was sheer luck that the bear fit so perfectly in the box I had.

Looking back on this project, what can you say you have learned about programming and/or electronics through the creation process?

The code is actually “borrowed” from an awesome website called labdomotic and is written in Italian. It is WAY above my head and I am studying it to learn more about this process of programing. [Editor’s Note: That you were able to adapt and build this project is testament to some hard work – nice job Steve! And whoa – labdomotic is an awesome site and youtube channel!]

What type of Arduino board, Arduino clone, or Arduino compatible board does your project use?

Arduino Uno

How do you power your project?

Via USB from my computer and Batteries

What components have you used for this project?

Servos and a switch

Was the training at Programming Electronics Academy able to help you build your skill?

Absolutely. I cannot stress enough how valuable the lessons and feedback are.

I started watching the many free videos from PEA and quickly realized the benefits of joining.

About Steve:


Steve is an electrician from Florida and has been into hobby electronics and programming for about 4 years.




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