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Kit-on-a-Shield for Arduino (Not a DeLoreanuino – but close)


It’s the currency of life.

For some reason, many of us can’t seem to find enough of it to spend on learning cool things, like say building a cyborg dog to grab us a cool drink on a hot summers eve.

At Programming Electronics Academy, we want to help you reclaim some time, and that’s why we are announcing our Kit-on-a-Shield for Arduino.

Editors Note: We renamed the shield to – Learning Lab Kit on a Shield for Arduino

Editors Note: We re-renamed the shield to “Kit on a Shield” for Arduino

What does the Kit-on-a-Shield for Arduino do?

The Kit-on-a-Shield for Arduino is meant to help you save time – it basically pre-populates common circuits for you.

Circuits that you might already have learned quite well – like LED, potentiometer, or push buttons.

Instead of searching your shag carpet for the 220 ohm resistor that dropped last week, you simply use the Basic Electronics Arduino Shield – and it connects everything up for you.  No need to breadboard the circuits out.

So when you sit down for 20-30 minutes to practice coding on Arduino – then you spend the majority of the time getting to try new things, and less time repeating something you already know.

Learn more about the shield at our Kit-on-a-Shield for Arduino reference page.

If you want to get your hands on the first batch, then sign up here.

UPDATE:  The shield is now available for purchase:

If you are interested, you can purchase it here:

On (US Customers only)

On our Website (International and US customers)

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  1. Avatar David Carr on March 7, 2016 at 10:27 pm

    Bessy is alive and well in Ferndale, CA. Just got mine a few days ago. Wow, what a joy! Learn a lot of great stuff without having to wire up anything. Just program away and see the results with no kluge of jumper wires and components. All it takes is a laptop, USB cable, Uno and the Bessy Shield and you’re in business. Nice work Michael, you’re the best.

    My first test circuit was a sequence of the 8 LEDs flashing with timing delay controlled by one of the 2 built in pots. Didn’t realize how rusty my coding was. I plan to revisit the Lessons and use the Bessy shield for the hands on stuff wherever possible.

    So, buy one and tell your friends who are trying to learn Arduino!


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