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Arduino Smart Living Project and Winner of Arduino Day Community Challenge :: Student Project

Davor Sijanovic and his students recently won the World Arduino Day Community Challenge in the category Kids and Education, with their project “Our view of smart living” – which is a mock up of what a technological future could look like.  Congrats Davor and Team!!!

Davor is a teacher in Vukovar, Croatia, and was a customer of our training course in early 2019.  This is what he had to say about our training:

“Your courses are absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed them so much, watching them constantly. I also tried many practical lessons you had prepared in your lessons.”

-Davor Sijanovic

Davor teaches his high school students programming with an array of different platforms including micro:bit, Arduino, Little bits, and Lego Mindstorms.

A couple weeks ago he shared with me his classes smart living project.  Shortly after that Davor let me know the news that their project won the World Arduino Day Community Challenge in the category Kids and Education.  That’s pretty amazing – I am sure his students are excited (I know I am!)

Here is the video Davor initially sent me, we had the video translated from Croatian to English, and also closed captioned.


Video Transcript:

In March 2018, the Vukovar high school has applied to the “Generation Next: Innovative projects in STEM” contest announced by T-Com.

We are very pleased that the project selection committee has picked our project out of 1500 other projects in the area of Croatia.

As part of the project, we have received financial support.

After the education and workshops, we got to work and started on our first task, which was the smart city that we’re going to present today.

We built a model of the smart city named “Vukovar – Our view of smart living”, in which we present the real appearance of Vukovar that includes the new walkway along the Dunav river.

The main part of the model is occupied by the Županijska street in Vukovar leading to Osijek.

That part includes most of the components that we received in this project, while some components we’ve had to buy and some were gathered from the toys that we’ve had at our homes.

Thus, according to the joint project we built a sun tracker, smart traffic lights, smart parking and smart street lighting.

We built the smart lighting along the walkway next to Dunav river by using an Arduino board, Light Dependant Resistors as sensors, LED diodes, and this is how it works:

The smart lighting has been designed to save energy.

This car is making its way to Osijek.

It’s making a turn from the side road into the main road, and upon approaching the traffic light, the traffic light senses its presence and produces a green light.

This car is approaching the smart parking lot.

Upon approaching the ramp, the sensor senses the nearby vehicle and raises the ramp.

As we can see, the number of available spaces has been reduced.

This car is leaving the parking lot, and as seen here, the number of available spaces increases.

Hi everyone, the Vukovar high school’s project participants in the Generation Next are Matija, Matko, and mentor Davor Sijanovic.

Bye! Bye!


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