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Basic Electronics Mini-Course

For beginners looking to grasp the essentials of electronics, this course gives you a vital understanding of voltage, current, resistance, Ohm’s Law and more - so you can build an intuition about these electronics fundamentals.

image of electrons in buckets and arrows representing voltages pointing at each one

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What will I learn?

  • How to think about and apply Ohms's Law to basic electrical circuits
  • An intuitive understanding of voltage, current, and resistance
  • Applying Ohm's Law to determine unknown values in basic series, parallel, and series-parallel circuits.
  • Introduction to reading an electrical schematic


Basic math skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Required Hardware

  • No hardware is required for this course (Though a calculator is highly recommened for completing the circuit analysis worksheets.)


"Even though I am a graduate EE of over 40 years, I have found that your explanations of the basics are very good.  Perhaps, even better than I received."
-Gary Linn, USA

"Just wanted to thank you for helping me to finally get a better handle on Ohms law."
-John Hart, WV, USA

"I love how you explain things in such a way that I can truly understand.

I have an older college electronics textbook and so much of the material is written to have a professor explain it or built on you having mastered most of the math involved.

I really appreciate that you not only help with the basics of math but also put it simply in a practical form of application."
-Derrick Ball, AR, USA

"You DID a splendid job of illustrating Series, Parallel, Series-Parallel Circuits…"
-Jimmy, USA 

Course Description

  • Looking for a down to earth explanation of concepts like voltage, current and resistance?
  • Want to be able to apply Ohm’s law to basic series and/or parallel circuits?
  • Could you use a solid refresher on these topics?

This Basic Electronics Mini-Course is an introduction to these topics with a focus on comprehension. We try very hard to relate these abstract concepts to more visually concrete things (like falling bananas and baskets of particles).

Hardcore math skills are not required!

You will not be an electronics master after this course, but it will be a good primer if you have not been exposed to this information before. If you are already familiar to these concepts, but would like to brush off some dust, or if you want a different teaching perspective, than this training is also helpful.

The circuit analysis portion of this training is accompanied by downloadable challenge worksheets which test what you have learned. (Answer sheets are also included). If you really want to learn this material, than taking the time to work through these exercises is extremely important!

Length of Instruction: 1 hour and 29 minutes of HD video instruction.

Course Outline

Immediate Lifetime Online
access to this course

Immediate Online
access to ALL our courses



"I am enjoying and learning from your Basic Electronics course"
-Debbie Crumb, WA, USA

"...found it concise and informative, so thanks."
-Bill Lees, PA, USA