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Basic Home Automation Using Arduino :: Student Project

Paul, a student of the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners Online Academy, has begun to automate his home by using an Arduino to batch together tasks that once each required attention.

Batching is a great way to jump into home automation, especially when you can identify things that you almost always do at the same time and require multiple switch flips/button presses, etc.

When Paul turned his TV on, he almost always turned on his HDD recorded with it. Plus he liked the room lamp turned on.

Using an Arduino, Infrared LED, RF transmitter, RF controllable sockets and a light sensor he was able to batch all these steps together with a single button press – and have them work in smart way.

For example, the light will only come when the room is dark, and it will turn off automatically if the room gets bright.

Here is a picture of the controller he put together:

Home Automation

Here are some of his notes as he was making the setup:

schematic drawing

Here is a look at his code:

(If you want to run this code directly from your browser to your Arduino, you can sign up for codebender here)

Pretty impressive stuff!  Feel free to post questions for Paul, I am sure he would be willing to talk about the finer points of the setup.

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