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Bluetooth Controlled LEDs on a Skateboard :: Student Project

If you’re going to ride – why not ride in style?

And if you’re going to ride in style, why not control your style through your cell phone via a Bluetooth module connected to an Arduino?

That’s just what Ben Isaacs did with his skateboard (long board).  He controls the LEDs through his phone via a HC-06 bluetooth module.

The Ride:

Bluetooth LED Skateboard

Pretty sweet looking ride!

Bluetooth LED Skateboard

Here is the bottom of the board.  Is any project truly complete without tape?

Bluetooth LED Skateboard

The Bluetooth Interface:

This is the phone interface he used to control the LEDs with the bluetooth module. The application end of the Bluetooth was developed by Whatakuai.  You can check it out here: LED Skateboard phone program

The Arduino Code:

Ben was also kind enough to share his code:

Nice work Ben – very cool project!