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Mind Set Based

We did a brain dump into an outline.Sometimes, technical stuff kicks your butt. Sometimes you kick technical stuff (like projects) across the room.  It can always seem like everyone else gets it just fine…except you.

Mind set matters when taking up technical topics, I hope these articles can help keep you focused on learning in spite of failing…repeatedly^⁴².

Arduino Laser Tag Project Rejects

This article was written by James G, one of the students in the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners: Often we share some of our finished (or somewhat finished) projects. But this is often only a small part of a bigger story. The whole story is a journey of countless trial and error in design and…

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ADX triple axis accelerometer with Arduino

What to do when you just don’t know :: Arduino, ADXL345 triple axis accelerometer and an RGB LED

This lesson discusses what to do when you open an existing program and realize that you simply don’t understand all the stuff that is going on. It also talks about using the ADXL345 triple axis accelerometer breakout board to control the hue of a Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED.

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electronics is tough

Weather the Storm: Some Hard Truths about Making Awesome Things

We want to make awesome things.  Whether you make something awesome for yourself, to sell to the public, or to solve all the world’s woes – we want it to be awesome. And when we look around at the Maker Movement and see people building all these amazing things – do you ever stop and…

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power of organization

The Power of Organization

There are some among us (I am one) who have a dark craving, a carnal desire to have things in predetermined places. While your spouse might think you have an illness and your children might hide their toys when they see the glint in your eyes – you too have been captured by a passion:…

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a great way to learn

The Very Best Way to Learn

We all know the secret to learning is plugging our brains in like the Matrix cats and downloading Kung Fu lessons or whatever other skills we deem necessary – but if you don’t have one of those cool Tron devices to zap you into the Matrix, then you are left with just a couple alternatives.

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Kids and electronics

Mixing Kids and Electronics – Success Starts Young

Here is the dilemma: I love my kids.  I enjoy tinkering with electronics.  I have one life to live. Will I look back at the end of my days and say, “I should have spent more time playing with my kids.” Or will I say, “I should have spent more time playing with electronics.” I…

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