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PEA Podcast

Welcome to our podcast archives!  Listen in to hear interviews with various guests about all things related to the programing and electronics of Arduino with host Michael Cheich.  You’ll learn about different Arduino tools, interesting projects, and much more.

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EPS 023 – Bring it to Market with John Teel of Predictable Designs

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week’s talk is with John Teel, the founder of Predictable Designs.  In this show we talk about what it takes to bring an Arduino prototype to market.  What are the steps, how hard is it, is it realistic – all these types of questions…  I hope you enjoy the show…

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Podcast Graphic of a head with gears in it, to the right, an Arduino controlled mini piano in a wood enclosure

EPS 022 – Using Arduino in Schools with Phil Nolt

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS   This week Michael sits down with Phil Nolt, a technology instructor for a large high school in Pennsylvania.  Phil talks about an Arduino class he teaches.  We hear about the ups and downs, and get Phils perspective on teaching. Here are some of the pictures from his students’ projects.

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Picture of podcast logo with picture of 1sheeld circuit board and smart phone app

1Sheeld with Amr Saleh

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS A great talk with Amr Saleh from 1Sheeld! 1Sheeld for Arduino turns your smartphone into 40 different Arduino shields (Including things like Voice Recognition, Twitter, GPS, Gamepad, Camera and more!)

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TinkerCAD with Joshua Brooks

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS   Joshua Brooks teaches us all about TinkerCAD, a free and easy to use browser based software for 3D Modeling and Simulation.

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Electronic Textiles with Katharina Bredies

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael has the chance to sit down with Dr. Katharina Bredies, the brain behind ‘The Light Curtain’, an interactive textile powered by Arduino. Katharina walks Michael through the design and implementation of this unique product (3:00), details how the curtain can be used for communication (12:30), and guesses what…

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Miniature Arduinos with Ken Burns from TinyCircuits

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with electrical engineer and entrepreneur Ken Burns. Ken is the founder of TinyCircuits, a company that designs and builds tiny open source electronics for makers and hobbyists. Ken talks about the inspiration behind his invention, ‘TinyDuino’ ,an Arduino compatible board that’s less than the size of…

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Arduino Lie Detectors with Dante Roumega

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael has a chance to chat with Dante Roumega who designed and built his very own Arduino Lie Detector. Dante explains how he came up with such a unique concept (4:25), how his initial product actually made people cry (7:00), and what iterations he has planned for the next…

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FizViz with Trent Shumay

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael calls up Trent Shumay, founder of Finger Food Studios, to talk about their latest invention FizViz, a large scale physical visualization for your stats. Trent talks about how his company was born out of wanting to combine the physical and digital worlds (3:10), how FizViz makes it easy,…

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A Wearable Compass with Jelle Reith

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael has a chance to sit down with Jelle Reith who has created an amazing project called ‘Compass’, an Arduino powered wearable used for navigation. Jelle talks about where the inspiration for ‘Compass’ came from (4:00), breaks down how this unique product functions (6:50), and explains how he’s planning…

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Arduino Drones with Nikodem Bartnik

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits with 17 year old whiz-kid Nikodem Bartnik who recently built his very own Arduino Drone. Nikodem talks about challenges that came with 3D printing his own frame (4:50), how the internet was his primary resource when learning to use Arduino (10:50), and what advice he would give…

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