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PEA Podcast

Welcome to our podcast archives!  Listen in to hear interviews with various guests about all things related to the programing and electronics of Arduino with host Michael Cheich.  You’ll learn about different Arduino tools, interesting projects, and much more.

Eco-Monitoring Bird Feeders with Greg and Phillip Voronin

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael has the pleasure to sit down with a father and son duo, Greg and Phillip Voronin, who recently took home first prize in a sponsored Arduino competition for their Eco-monitoring Bird Feeder. Greg and Phillip talk about the inspiration for the project (2:10), how they combined Arduino…

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Desktop Robot Arms with Gabe Bentz

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with Gabe Bentz, founder and Chief Engineer at Slant Concepts. Slant recently concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign for their latest invention ‘LittleArm’, a 3D printed desktop robot arm. Gabe talks about how LittleArm was born out of weekend garage project (4:10), how the subsequent Kickstarter campaign…

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Servo motors galore! The ‘quadbot’ by EngiMake, with Josh Elijah

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week, Michael sits down with a Founder and CTO of ‘EngiMake’, Josh Elijah, to talk about his  Arduino powered creation, ‘QuadBot’. Josh talks about how QuadBot started as a university project (1:40), how the product’s design, and target audience, have evolved over time (6:00), and how QuadBot is being used…

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High Speed Camera Rigs with Ted Kinsman

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week, Michael sits down with Ted Kinsman. Ted is an assistant professor of photographic technology at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and has recently been doing some amazing projects combining photography with Arduino. Ted talks about how his interest in time lapse photography lead him to Arduino (2:10), how he’s…

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A conversation with William Osman

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with Mechanical Engineer and Youtube sensation William Osman to talk about a few of the  projects he’s developed using Arduino. William talks about how his desire to build a Motion Control System got him interested in Arduino (1:00), how working on the TV Show ‘BattleBots’ got him working…

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Self Watering Plants with Eirik Sverd

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Eirik Sverd, an Automation Engineering Student, sits down with Michael to discuss some of the interesting projects he created using Arduino. Eirik talks about how Arduino helped him overcome his early fear of programming (2:20), how learning to control RF signals opened a world possibilities (7:30), and the story behind his latest…

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Astromech Droids with Brian Thompson

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS For all the Star Wars fans out there, have we got an episode for you! This week our guest is Brian Thompson, founder of ‘The Smuggler’s Room’. Brian chats with Michael about how his childhood love of Star Wars lead to him building his own Droids from scratch (1:50), the support…

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Arduino guitar pedal

Programmable Guitar Pedals with Electrosmash

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with Ray from Electrosmash to talk about his collaborative project ‘The pedalSHIELD UNO’, a programmable guitar pedal that works with the Arduino UNO. The two discuss how Ray was able to blend his love of programming and music (2:15), how Electrosmash users can program unique guitar…

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5 Arduino and arts interaction Podcast Episode

EPS 5: Spinphony with Nick Polito

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with mechanical engineer Nick Polito to talk about his innovative new Arduino installation, ‘Spinphony’. The two discuss how Spinphony was created as part of Google’s ‘Made With Code’ initiative (3:35), how Nick was able to create a musical bicycle using Arduino and ‘Ableton Live’ (5:20), and…

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4 Arduino finger print scanner Podcast Episode

EPS 4: Fingerprint Readers and Remote Igniters with Noah Del Coro

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with engineering student Noah Del Coro to talk about a couple of interesting projects that he’s been able to build using Arduino. The two talk about the influence of ‘Instructables’ on young electronics enthusiasts (4:10), the value of joining his high school’s ‘FIRST’ team (5:45), and…

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