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PEA Podcast

Welcome to our podcast archives!  Listen in to hear interviews with various guests about all things related to the programing and electronics of Arduino with host Michael Cheich.  You’ll learn about different Arduino tools, interesting projects, and much more.

3 Arduino in the classroom Podcast Episode

Episode 003: In the Classroom with Jack Gupton

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with public school teacher Jack Gupton to talk about the successes and challenges he’s had teaching electronics and programming to his students with Arduino. The two discuss how he introduced his 8th graders to the basic concepts on programming (3:50), how ‘Maker Challenges’ have worked to…

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2 Arduino I2C and SPI Podcast Episode

Episode 002: I2C and SPI with Dan Hienzsch

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS This week Michael sits down with the founder of Rheingold Heavy, Dan Hienzsch. The two talk about Dan’s beginnings in Silicon Valley (1:45), how Arduino opened him up to the world of microcontrollers (7:55), and the inspiration behind building his own circuit board, the ‘I2C and SPI Education Shield’ (9:10). The…

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Episode 001: The Hover Disk with Dan Massey

SUBSCRIBE:  | | RSS On the Inaugural episode of the Programming Electronics Academy Podcast, Michael sits down for a chat with educator and electronics hobbyist Dan Massey. The two discuss how Dan first got interested in electronics (3:20), how his first Arduino project literally went up in flames (5:30), the challenges he faced building an…

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