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Arduino Programming Lessons

These two buttons are important.Arduino is programmed with a mixture of C, C++ (see plus plus), and a large helping of Arduino specific code to make programming microcontrollers more accessible.

I hope you find the following lessons on programming Arduino helpful!

Using the Same Input to Trigger Multiple Arduinos

If you ever have a project using two or more Arduinos, it’s likely you’ll want them to work together. Say for example you have one Arduino connected to an LCD shield, and another Arduino controlling an LED matrix.  You want both to do something when you press a single button – how can this be done?…

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For Arduino Make one button have the functionality of two, post banner

How to Make One Button Have the Functionality of Two or More with Arduino

Do you have an application where you want multiple buttons for different user inputs?  Maybe you have a timer and you want one button for minutes and another for hours. But there is a problem – you only have room for one button! In this tutorial, we are going to use Arduino to explore how…

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Use an arduino library part 2

Understanding an Arduino Library :: Video #2 :: Arduino Library Series

This lesson walks through how to understand an Arduino library.

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Using an Arduino Library

How to set up an Arduino Library :: Video #1 :: Arduino Library Series

This lesson walks through how to download and set up an Arduino library and some pit-falls you might encounter.

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using compound operators with Arduino

Shorthand Arithmetic :: Using Compound Operators (+= , -= , *= , /= ) with Arduino

In this lesson we discuss some common shorthand for simple arithmetic in Arduino. We cover several compound operators that add, subtract, multiply and divide making it easy to increment variables in useful ways.

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ADX triple axis accelerometer with Arduino

What to do when you just don’t know :: Arduino, ADXL345 triple axis accelerometer and an RGB LED

This lesson discusses what to do when you open an existing program and realize that you simply don’t understand all the stuff that is going on. It also talks about using the ADXL345 triple axis accelerometer breakout board to control the hue of a Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LED.

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Arduino RGB LED

Using Red-Green-Blue (RGB) LEDs with Arduino (Common Cathode Type)

In this tutorial we describe using RGB LEDs of the Common Cathode Type.  We will describe setting up the circuit, talk about the LED and discuss the code used to adjust the hue.

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Using random() and randomSeed() with Arduino

Using Random Numbers with Arduino

This video tutorial talks about using the random() and randomSeed() functions with Arduino.  It is pretty straight forward, but there are some intricacies worth noting. Creating truly random numbers in Arduino is harder than you might think.  The closest we can get in Arduino, and just about anywhere else, is using pseudo random numbers.  That…

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Arduino acceleration

3 Ways to Use Acceleration in an Arduino Sketch

This lesson covers three easy ways to implement some form of acceleration in your Arduino sketches. It will cover the following: Linear Acceleration Exponential Acceleration Messing Around with the Square Root function

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installing processing

Installing Processing :: Arduino Serial Communication Series

If you need to send information from your Arduino to a computer, Processing may be your answer.  Lucky for us, installing Processing is a cinch, and communicating over the serial port via the USB cable is not that tough either. This lesson is pulled from a larger series of videos in the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners. The…

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