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Arduino Project Lessons

There are so many different applications where Arduino can be used.  Below are some simple projects you can try on your own.

I hope you’ll find the following lessons helpful!

Arduino Secret Knock Detector

How to make a secret knock detector to trigger anything with only an Arduino and a few cheap components

There are a couple good use-case scenarios for making a secret knock detector using an Arduino. You are a spy who needs to authenticate your cohorts You are a super hero who wants a secret knock to open the entrance to your lair Whatever the reason – by the end of this tutorial you will…

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LED stuffed Pumpkin

LED Stuffed Pumpkin :: Halloween Arduino Project

I usually like to add electronics to my pumpkins.  You can follow this step by step guide for making your own your own LED stuffed pumpkin for an Arduino project around Halloween.

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TinyDuino Arduino GPS project

Tiny Arduino GPS Car Tracker with SD Card :: James Bond Wanna Be

Isn’t it hard to finish watching a spy movie and not want to do something…spy-like?  You know, like having 40 video cameras in your house, dancing the tango with some ambassador, or jumping off a helicopter onto a wild cheetah? Well, what about secretly logging the GPS coordinates of a car on an SD card?

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Arduino Lilypad Knuckle Glove

LED Knuckle Glove using miniaturized Arduino LilyPad [Ozzy Osbourne Knuckle Tattoo Wanna Be]

Here my first go at an Arduino textile project.  It turned out to be pretty easy. And I’d like to think that think Ozzy Osbourne would like it…

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Arduino water detection circuit

How to Make an Arduino Water Detection Alarm

This lesson will explain how to make a simple water detection alarm using an Arduino.

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EL wire and clothes

Electroluminescent Wire (EL Wire) with Clothes

Ok – I know –  cheating isn’t a good thing , but I honestly feel like this technique of using EL Wire to get a cool glowing design on your shirt is so easy that it is paramount to breaking the rules. If you don’t know what EL Wire is, here’s a quick overview: A…

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