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Customer Projects

Check out these Arduino projects built by our customers.  They range from data logging, to animatronic displays, to projects that mess with your cat.

I hope you’ll find the following projects as interesting as I do!

Teddy bear in box closing a switch sign on box reads "Flip switch to wake "Servo Bear"

Arduino Powered “Servo Bear” :: Student Project

If a bear says, “Leave me alone!”, you probably ought to get out of dodge, right? Well, Steve Busik (a customer of PEAs), thinks otherwise, and has created a fun project that allows you to mess with a bear. I think you’ll get a kick out of this project. And please, share this post with…

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Arduino first press buzzer game :: Student Project

Jeopardy, The Price is Right,  Family Feud – who doesn’t love a good game show from time-to-time? Ever wonder how the buzzers in those game shows work?  One of our customers, Eleu Mangornong from Canada, wondered…and he was pretty sure he could make his own buzzer system with an Arduino. And that is just what he…

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1sheeld app on iPhone, 1sheeld on Arduino UNIO, with wires going to 4 Relay Arduino Shield, rayovac battery powering Arduino

Arduino with 1Sheeld and 4 Relay Board for Shop Door Opener and Light Toggle :: Customer Project

Using wireless technologies with Arduino has never been easier.  Especially with hardware and software provided by 1Sheeld.  A customer of our training course, Ted Thisius, had put together this neat project using 1Sheeld and we wanted to share it with you. He has connected his shops garage door and his shop lights, with an Arduino UNO,…

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stuffed rabbit with wires, Arduino nano, and PIR sensor

PIR activated noise making Arduino controlled Stuffed Rabbit :: Student Project

What better way to use your programming and electronics skills than to help out your grandkids?  Especially if it involves PIR sensors, an Arduino Nano, and fart noises? You heard me right, Ken Deakman, a customer of Programming Electronics Academy since late 2018, wanted to enhance a stuffed rabbit with some sensors so that it…

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Arduino on workbench with lithium battery

Basic Battery Voltage Reader with Arduino :: Student Project

When you’re just getting started with programming Arduino, sometimes the simplest projects can be very instructive. This basic battery voltage reader put together by Pierce Harvey, a customer of Programming Electronics Academy since April of 2018, is an example of just that, a simple project designed to help him make sure he had some basic…

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big red button connected to stamping mechanism

Automatic Stamper with an Adafruit Pro Trinket :: Student Project

Big red button. Big red button connected to an Arduino. Big red button connected to an Arduino powering an automatic stamper! This very cool and amazingly sleek Arduino project was submitted by Emma Lievens, a customer of PEA since early 2018.  Emma (with help from a team at the company she interns with) made this…

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Arduino Mega on a wood job next to a grandfather clock pendulum

Measuring the time interval cycle for the pendulum on large grandfather clocks using Arduino :: Student Project

How fast does a clock tic toc? That’s what John Brigham wanted to figure out, so he used an Arduino and a very basic photo-interrupter circuit to measure it. Read more below about what inspired him to measure time intervals of grandfather clocks in the first place, and learn about how his Arduino project works.

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LED lighting system for plastic UFO model using Arduino :: Student Project

Do aliens use Arduino? OK, maybe not…but a great way to create a fading eerie glow for a UFO model is an Arduino Nano and a handful of LEDs! This neat and simple project was submitted by Stephen Dearden, a customer of  Programming Electronics Academy.

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collage of arduino components

RV Camper-Van Power Cabinet Fan Controller System with Arduino :: Student Project

Sometimes you have a problem, and you just need a solution. Jack Tinsley (a customer of PEA) had a problem with the power-cabinet in his Camper-Van. In his own words: The real problem happens when I’m driving on a long trip, I don’t know how hot it is in the power cabinet or what the…

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Arduino RPM and Speedometer for Fast Bikes (or Cars) :: Student Project

The need for speed.  It’s been around for a long time… I remember reading Dead Souls by Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol, and being amazed by Chichikovs love of driving fast in a horse drawn carriage: “Selifan flourished his whip and shouted, “Hi, hi!” as the inequalities of the road jerked him vertically on his seat; and meanwhile,…

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