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Customer Projects

Check out these Arduino projects built by our customers.  They range from data logging, to animatronic displays, to projects that mess with your cat.

I hope you’ll find the following projects as interesting as I do!

Christmas Tree Defender Cat Diversion Laser Turret with Arduino

Christmas Tree Defender Cat Diversion Laser Turret with Arduino :: Student Project

How are you supposed to defend your Christmas tree from curious and fiendish cats? Why not distract them with a Christmas Tree Defender Cat Diversion Laser Turret! This project, submitted by John Hart, uses a motion detector to activate a turret mounted laser. When the cat trips the motion sensor, the servo and laser go…

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IoT with the ESP8266 and an Arduino Nano monitoring with ThingSpeak

IoT Wireless Monitoring with the ESP8266 and ThingSpeak :: Student Project

One of our students, James Trace, has been working on an IoT project: wirelessly monitoring the performance of a Solar Geyser.  He is uploading 9 fields of data to ThingSpeak and measuring temperatures, humidity, light exposure, the list goes on.  All with an Arduino Nano and an ESP8266 (ESP01). While this project is something James…

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Arduino Mega student-project-simulator

Arduino in Industry :: Student Project

Imagine for a moment you are an experienced engineer technician at a power plant and you need to train up and coming techs on how to operate different work stations. While you can talk people through the operation of critical tasks, until you actually do the task, well, it’s kind of tough to get a…

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Bluetooth Controlled LEDs on a Skateboard :: Student Project

If you’re going to ride – why not ride in style? And if you’re going to ride in style, why not control your style through your cell phone via a Bluetooth module connected to an Arduino? That’s just what Ben Isaacs did with his skateboard (long board).  He controls the LEDs through his phone via a HC-06…

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Arduino Neopixel Display

Arduino Sound to Light NeoPixel display (450 NeoPixels!) :: Student Project

This is a great project submitted by one of our students, Robert. Robert aligned 25 strips of WS2812 (AKA NeoPixels) resulting in a 450 point matrix. The display of the matrix is then adjusted based on audio input.  The result is pretty cool looking…

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Arduino Project, A hover disk made by a member of programming electronics academy

Arduino Hover Disk :: Student Project

Dan Massey, a member of Programming Electronics Academy, shared this Arduino project he recently completed. It is a Hoverdisk, and while it doesn’t exactly hover – it sure gives the appearance of hovering. To build it, Dan used two Arduinos, two Xbees, a Sabertooth Motor Controller, a latching relay, a Power Relay shield for an Arduino, an AudioFX Soundboard, two wheelchair motors, a…

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Arduino Controlled Battery Charger Student Project

Building my First Arduino Controlled Battery Charger :: Student Project

This project was built by one of our long time students, Roland.  I am always impressed by the projects I see submitted, and this one is truly stellar.  He has brought a ton of talent, time and dedication to make this happen.  I am excited to see it posted here.   This battery charger can charge…

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Arduino Laser Tag Project Rejects

This article was written by James G, one of the students in the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners: Often we share some of our finished (or somewhat finished) projects. But this is often only a small part of a bigger story. The whole story is a journey of countless trial and error in design and…

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3d Printed PIR Arduino Alarm Clock with LCD

3D Printed PIR Arduino Nano Alarm Clock :: Student Project

Combining electronics and 3D printing never ceases to amaze me.  It feels like the possibility for creating exists within the walls of our own homes like never before. This smart alarm clock project by James Greeve, a student of Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners, is a perfect example of a functional 3D printed object.

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Arduino Laser Tag Breifcase Bomb

Laser Tag and Arduino :: Student Project

It is great to take a fun game and add some twists. Using an Arduino, James Greeve (a student of the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners) created an “explosive” suite case fit for the movies.

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