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Customer Projects

Check out these Arduino projects built by our customers.  They range from data logging, to animatronic displays, to projects that mess with your cat.

I hope you’ll find the following projects as interesting as I do!

Arduino Aquaponics Garden - Student Project

Arduino Controlled Aquaponics Garden :: Student Project

Dimitris , Dimitris , quite ingenious, How does your garden grow? With Arduinos, and relay modules, And pretty tanks all in a row.

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Arduino LCD-VU Meter

Arduino With LCD-VU-Meter :: Student Project

Having the ability to see sound levels is a useful tool for setting levels on audio equipment. It can also be a fun addition to for entertainment systems to get more connection to the music. This project from Jorghe Ayala uses an Arduino to process an audio signal and visualize the loudness level over time…

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Joystick Controlled Light Show

Light up the Night with Joystick Controlled Light Show :: Student Project

Have you ever seen one of those automated light shows and wondered how they are done? Using an Arduino, a few bits of extra hardware and some patience, Wayne and his daughter have tackled the idea and taken their first steps into a larger world. They have taken on a massive project of creating a…

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Arduino Weather Station Student Project

Wireless Weather Monitoring With HC-12 Long Range Transceivers :: Student Project

Keeping track of the weather can be an interesting hobby by itself or an important part of another job like flying or farming. Having your own weather station can fill you in on what is going on in your neck of the woods without relying on stations that you might not have access to, or…

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Student Project- Arduino intercom Thumbnail

Next Level Networking with the Arduino :: Student Project

Arduino is a great platform to delve into the world of electronics and programming, but the rabbit hole of possibilities may go even deeper than you know!  One of our students has taken Arduino to a whole new level by designing and fabricating their own custom Arduino board to take on a monster of a…

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Christmas Tree Defender Cat Diversion Laser Turret with Arduino

Christmas Tree Defender Cat Diversion Laser Turret with Arduino :: Student Project

How are you supposed to defend your Christmas tree from curious and fiendish cats? Why not distract them with a Christmas Tree Defender Cat Diversion Laser Turret! This project, submitted by John Hart, uses a motion detector to activate a turret mounted laser. When the cat trips the motion sensor, the servo and laser go…

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IoT with the ESP8266 and an Arduino Nano monitoring with ThingSpeak

IoT Wireless Monitoring with the ESP8266 and ThingSpeak :: Student Project

One of our students, James Trace, has been working on an IoT project: wirelessly monitoring the performance of a Solar Geyser.  He is uploading 9 fields of data to ThingSpeak and measuring temperatures, humidity, light exposure, the list goes on.  All with an Arduino Nano and an ESP8266 (ESP01). While this project is something James…

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Arduino Mega student-project-simulator

Arduino in Industry :: Student Project

Imagine for a moment you are an experienced engineer technician at a power plant and you need to train up and coming techs on how to operate different work stations. While you can talk people through the operation of critical tasks, until you actually do the task, well, it’s kind of tough to get a…

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Bluetooth Controlled LEDs on a Skateboard :: Student Project

If you’re going to ride – why not ride in style? And if you’re going to ride in style, why not control your style through your cell phone via a Bluetooth module connected to an Arduino? That’s just what Ben Isaacs did with his skateboard (long board).  He controls the LEDs through his phone via a HC-06…

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Arduino Neopixel Display

Arduino Sound to Light NeoPixel display (450 NeoPixels!) :: Student Project

This is a great project submitted by one of our students, Robert. Robert aligned 25 strips of WS2812 (AKA NeoPixels) resulting in a 450 point matrix. The display of the matrix is then adjusted based on audio input.  The result is pretty cool looking…

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