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Customer Projects

Check out these Arduino projects built by our customers.  They range from data logging, to animatronic displays, to projects that mess with your cat.

I hope you’ll find the following projects as interesting as I do!

Arduino Circuit Breaker Simulator

Arduino Circuit Breaker Simulator :: Student Project

Need to test some large circuit breakers?  You may have found your solution!  This Arduino circuit breaker simulator project was submitted by James, a student of the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners. Let me just say I am impressed – I wish I could build something half as cool!

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Measuring capacitor discharge with Arduino

Using Arduino to charge and monitor capacitors :: Student Project

Interested in building your own battery charger?  So is Jeremy Hemming , who has been exploring ways to create an Arduino based intelligent battery charger for his car battery and his 18V drill batteries. This video is a demonstration of charging and monitoring capacitors using external power supply, an Arduino board and an LCD as a display.

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Arduino DCF77 Analyzer Clock

DCF77 Analyzer Clock :: Student Project

There is awesome and then there is 10 times awesome which is Erik de Ruiter’s DCF77 Analyzer Clock project. WOW! – is all I can say. (Well, I could say some other things but I try to keep this site clean!)

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