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Arduino Tools

Basic Electronics Arduino ShieldIf you work with plants, you may have tools like spades, rakes, and trimmers.  If you work with Arduino, you’ll have a different set of tools ranging from hardware (like an Arduino Shield) to software (like the Arduino IDE –Integrated Development Environment).

The lessons that follow highlight different tools that are used with Arduino, I hope you’ll find them helpful!

graphic design of Arduino Arcade Cabinet

Arduino Compatible TinyArcade by TinyCircuits

 You can check out the TinyArcade at TinyCircuits. If you really dig this product, check out our podcast where Michael sits down with the founder of TinyCircuits, Ken Burns. Among various topics, Ken talks specifically about how he came up with the idea for the “TinyArcade”.  Still digging these tiny things? Check out our free…

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How to change the font color in the Arduino IDE

How to change the font color in the Arduino IDE

Have you ever wanted to change the font color in the Arduino IDE? Maybe it is hard for you to read the light grey comments in the Arduino IDE, or maybe you prefer something a little bolder. Whatever your reason, in this short video, I demonstrate a relatively easy way to change the font color of comments.

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Basic Electronics Arduino Shield

Kit-on-a-Shield for Arduino (Not a DeLoreanuino – but close)

Time. It’s the currency of life. For some reason, many of us can’t seem to find enough of it to spend on learning cool things, like say building a cyborg dog to grab us a cool drink on a hot summers eve. At Programming Electronics Academy, we want to help you reclaim some time, and that’s why…

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Make Magazine Reveiw Thumbnail

A Review of Make: Magazine

I don’t subscribe to many magazines, but I love my subscription to Make: magazine. And even though I rarely have time to sit down and enjoy a magazine in peace and quiet (parents forget what peace and quiet means), I still manage to get through my Make: magazine cover to cover. I like it that…

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Understanding the Arduino Sketchbook

Understanding the Arduino Sketchbook: Opening and Saving Arduino Sketches

Understanding how the Arduino IDE sets up its file directory system can spare you some confusion when it comes to saving, organizing and opening your Arduino sketches (or sketches you have downloaded from the internet). This week’s episode covers the following: The Arduino Sketchbook folder How to change the default location where your Arduino sketches…

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An Easy Way to Learn I2C, SPI, RTC, ADCs and More with this Awesome Arduino Education Shield thumbnail

An Easy Way to Learn I2C, SPI, RTC, ADCs and More with this Awesome Arduino Education Shield

In this video we talk about an Arduino shield designed to teach you about shift registers, I2C, SPI, temperature sensors, real time clocks, analog to digital convertors and flash memory chips – all this on one awesome Arduino shield!

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Assembling an Arduino Shield

6 Tips on Assembling an Arduino Shield (Or any Electronics Kit)

In this video we will be talking about some key points to keep in mind when assembling an Arduino shield from a kit. Many of these tips will apply equally well to any type of electronics kit you are assembling. So you just bought an awesome Arduino shield – it’s going fly you to the…

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Dr. Duino Shield review

Throw out your breadboard! Dr. Duino: An Arduino Shield for debugging and developing Arduino projects

In the last couple of episodes we have talked about Arduino shields and breakout boards. In this video, we will review a specific Arduino shield that makes developing projects and debugging sketches on the Arduino extremely easy – it’s called Dr. Duino.

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What is a breakout board

What is a Breakout Board for Arduino?

If you have been learning about Arduino for any amount of time, than you have probably come across the term Breakout Board.  Now, you might think, as I did when I first heard about breakout boards, that they were some fixture for practicing your Kung Fu fighting. In this lesson, we will discuss what breakout…

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What is an Arduino Shield video thumbnail

What is an Arduino Shield?

If you are learning about Arduino, you have no doubt come across the term Arduino Shield.  This tutorial will explain what Arduino Shields are, why they are awesome, and several things to consider when buying shields.

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