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Arduino Tools

Basic Electronics Arduino ShieldIf you work with plants, you may have tools like spades, rakes, and trimmers.  If you work with Arduino, you’ll have a different set of tools ranging from hardware (like an Arduino Shield) to software (like the Arduino IDE –Integrated Development Environment).

The lessons that follow highlight different tools that are used with Arduino, I hope you’ll find them helpful!

Cloud Based Arduino IDE with Code Bender – take your sketches with you anywhere

Have you ever wondered if there was a cloud based solution for using the Arduino IDE that would allow you access to your Arduino Sketches regardless of what computer you happen to be using? The answer is yes, thanks to Code Bender – a very awesome, and super easy to use web browser plugin.

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DF robot pirate assembly 4WD

How to Assemble the DFRobot Pirate 4WD Mobile Platform

This video walks through assembling the popular DFRobot Pirate. It focuses mostly on what the instruction manual leaves out, which I hope will save you some time!

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Review of DF Robot pirate 4wd platform

DFRobot Pirate 4WD Mobile Platform Reveiw for Arduino

If you want to build a mobile robot and not spend all your time designing and creating the locomotion portion of the robot, then the DFRobot Pirate mobile platform maybe one route to take. This video is a brief review of the platform. Jameco (of whom I am an affiliate) carries the DF Robot Pirate here,…

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How not to buy a fake arduino

The MOST guaranteed way to NOT buy a Fake Arduino (The Story of Pizza-Duino)

Let’s not be duped by people trying to sell us authentic Arduino’s that are counterfeit.  This video will show you the one way to be sure you get the real deal, and five methods of telling if you bought a counterfeit or not.

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TinyDuino Arduino GPS project

Tiny Arduino GPS Car Tracker with SD Card :: James Bond Wanna Be

Isn’t it hard to finish watching a spy movie and not want to do something…spy-like?  You know, like having 40 video cameras in your house, dancing the tango with some ambassador, or jumping off a helicopter onto a wild cheetah? Well, what about secretly logging the GPS coordinates of a car on an SD card?

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What is Arduino?

What is Arduino?

Have you seen some really cool stuff being made with a thing called Arduino? What is Arduino anyway? It sounds like an Italian sandwich with extra cheese or something… Well – it’s that and a lot more.  I hope this video can help explain some the basic premise of the Arduino!

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What type of Arduino should I buy first?

Which Arduino board should I buy if I am just getting started?

Does it feel like there are a million Arduino board options to choose from?  Do just wish someone would tell you which Arduino to buy? Well here is the answer – and I think most people will agree…

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Arduino Lilypad Knuckle Glove

LED Knuckle Glove using miniaturized Arduino LilyPad [Ozzy Osbourne Knuckle Tattoo Wanna Be]

Here my first go at an Arduino textile project.  It turned out to be pretty easy. And I’d like to think that think Ozzy Osbourne would like it…

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Arduino TinyLily and Tiny Circuits

Extremely Tiny Arduino LilyPad – Washing Machine Safe

Embedding electronics into clothes is a pretty fun thing to try and do – and a great way to get started is with the TinyLily from Tiny Circuits. The TinyLily has the same processor as the Arduino Uno, but the form factor of a US Dime!

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TinyCircuits and TinyDuino

Super Small Arduino Uno: An Introduction to TinyDuino (TinyCircuits)

If you ever need a tiny Arduino form factor, look no further than TinyDuino.

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