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Arduino Tools

Basic Electronics Arduino ShieldIf you work with plants, you may have tools like spades, rakes, and trimmers.  If you work with Arduino, you’ll have a different set of tools ranging from hardware (like an Arduino Shield) to software (like the Arduino IDE –Integrated Development Environment).

The lessons that follow highlight different tools that are used with Arduino, I hope you’ll find them helpful!

What is Arduino?

What is Arduino?

Have you seen some really cool stuff being made with a thing called Arduino? What is Arduino anyway? It sounds like an Italian sandwich with extra cheese or something… Well – it’s that and a lot more.  I hope this video can help explain some the basic premise of the Arduino!

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What type of Arduino should I buy first?

Which Arduino board should I buy if I am just getting started?

Does it feel like there are a million Arduino board options to choose from?  Do just wish someone would tell you which Arduino to buy? Well here is the answer – and I think most people will agree…

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Arduino Lilypad Knuckle Glove

LED Knuckle Glove using miniaturized Arduino LilyPad [Ozzy Osbourne Knuckle Tattoo Wanna Be]

Here my first go at an Arduino textile project.  It turned out to be pretty easy. And I’d like to think that think Ozzy Osbourne would like it…

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Arduino TinyLily and Tiny Circuits

Extremely Tiny Arduino LilyPad – Washing Machine Safe

Embedding electronics into clothes is a pretty fun thing to try and do – and a great way to get started is with the TinyLily from Tiny Circuits. The TinyLily has the same processor as the Arduino Uno, but the form factor of a US Dime!

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TinyCircuits and TinyDuino

Super Small Arduino Uno: An Introduction to TinyDuino (TinyCircuits)

If you ever need a tiny Arduino form factor, look no further than TinyDuino.

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Arduino floating pins, pull resistors

Floating Pins, Pull-Up Resistors and Arduino

Floating Pins on Arduino have always been a bit of mystery to me.  It just never made much sense.  I did this video more for my own sake – just to concrete it in my brain.  I hope it can add some solidarity to  your understanding as well…

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Arduino Reference

How to Use and Understand the Arduino Reference

So you just opened up your fancy new gadget – maybe an awesome DSLR camera, or the newest gaming system, or maybe a new Blu-ray player.  As you gladly tear away the packaging – you notice a small book that feels like it was printed on 4th generation recycled newspaper – it’s the instruction manual.…

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