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ESP8266 Controlled Gecko Habitat :: Student Project

A student of our course, John Hart, is at it again with an interesting new project that uses an ESP8266 to control the temperature of the family pet gecko habitat.

The ESP8266 is a low cost WiFi module that can be programmed right from the Arduino IDE.  It’s great, because all the Arduino code you learn can be used on it just any other Arduino board.

He did a great write of the project at Instructables.  Here is a video that walks through the project…

Here is picture of his wife’s spotted gecko “Leonardo”.  I think he looks happy – what about you?


Here is what John had to say about the project…

“In a nutshell, there are (2) DS18B20 sensors connected to the ESP8266 via Onewire. One sensor measuring the surface bottom temp and one measuring the air temp. The surface sensor is the decision maker. When it is low, it turns on a relay connected to the heat and warms things up. And vice-versa. The webserver that the ESP is hosting is a nice value-add so we can take a peek at the data whenever we’d like….

Thought you might be interested in taking a look at another ‘cool gizmo’ that came to life largely in part thanks to your training.”


John was also kind enough to share his Arduino code….

Arduino Code:




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