Save time learning to program Arduino.
Ever ever spent too much time searching for a 220 ohm resistor or just one more jumper wire?

Are you sure you had that extra LED, LDR, [Fill in the blank], but have no idea where it went?

Do you just want to throw up a quick circuit and get to coding?

Travel a lot and want an easy way to learn Arduino on the road?
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"I have been using the Kit-on-a-Sheild in my embedded microcontrollers class and have been very happy with it."
Jim Heffernan
Professor / Coordinator of Electronics Engineering Technology
Quinsigamond Community College, MA
"I worked in the defense industry as an electronics quality engineer for 10 years and I can tell you this is a high quality item. The materials and workmanship are very good."

Amazon Reviewer

(I don't know this guy...but I like him!)

4.7 out of 5 stars 
We're on the road a lot and learning to program Arduino is a great slack time activity.

The shield mounted on an Arduino with a USB cable requires only a small space in my laptop computer bag.

-David Carr, USA
All of the components are clearly labeled on the board making it easy to write the code in your Sketch.

The best thing is you can program several different projects with this one board without having to re-wire a breadboard or have the hassle of not having the correct part on hand, etc.  

-Darrel Little, VA

Awesome product for testing your arduino programs. It beats having to wire everything over and over again as you work different tests on your projects.

I highly recommend if you are learning how to write and run programs on the arduino.

-David J. Briguglio, Amazon Reviewer