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LCDs, Servos, and Twitter4j

Interested in expanding your projects with LCDs and Servo motors, or even sending a tweet with your Arduino?  This video course walks through setting up these devices/software and programming them with Arduino code libraries.

LCD GUI with Potentiometer_OP

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What will I learn?

  • Using Liquid Crystal Displays with Arduino
  • Using buttons and potentiometers as inputs to your GUI (graphical user interface)
  • How to power your Servo Motor
  • How to program using the Servo library to control your Servo Motor
  • Using Processing and the Twitter4J library to send a tweet with the Arduino


This course assumes you have a solid understanding on the Arduino platform and understand topics like libraries, and functions. If you have finished the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners – then this training will be right up your alley.

Required Hardware

  • Arduino Compatible Board
  • Liquid Crystal Display Module (LCD) with parallel wiring (a 16 x 2 is used in the course, but other sizes should work fine too)
  • Servo Motor (You may want to watch the first couple servo videos, before deciding on a servo.)
  • Pushbuttons (4)
  • 10K Ohm Resistor (4)
  • 10K potentiometer (2)
  • Solderless breadboard
  • Jumper Wires


"fantastic course. I learned a lot and used it to jumpstart my robotic interests."
-Peter Call, NJ, USA

"...your lessons are concise and challenging....I have the ability to asses new code and problems and deal with them quickly"
-Jaco Coetsee, Langebaan, ZA

Course Description

This course covers several different topics, and is sort of an "add-on" to our main Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners Course.

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you're in the right place:

  • Are you are interested in using an LCD for a graphical user interface (GUI)?
  • Do you want to control Servo Motors using an Arduino?
  • Do you want to get familiar with the process of working with another program (Processing) in tandem with Arduino, to send a “tweet”?


Length of Instruction: 4 hours and 31 minutes of HD video instruction.

Import Notes:  The type of LCD demonstrated in these lessons is the common Hitachi HD44780 (or a compatible) chipset (Not the I2C versions).

Course Outline

Immediate Lifetime Online
access to this course

Immediate Online
access to ALL our courses



"Your courses are simply the best out there and have given me insight to how to help with this project. Thank You very much."
-Michael Myers, Longview, TX

"Armed with your information, last evening I was able to assemble the code to make an Uno read values from a Type-K thermocouple in Fahrenheit and output this information to a 16x2RGB LCD screen.

Cannot express the feeling I had when I saw something beyond Hello World!"
-Ken Quimby, Maumelle, AR