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OSHGroup 030: Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam – Developing Standards and Best Practices for Open Hardware

If you didn’t already know, making Open Source Hardware comes with some challenges.

Issues ranging from…   What is actually required for something to be considered Open Source Hardware?

To things more matter of fact like… Where am I supposed to host all the source files?

Well, instead of ignoring these and many other challenges the OSH Community wanted to face them head on and stir things up a bit – so they called a meeting of the minds.

A Documentation Jam to be more exact.  The objective?

World domination!  And of course starting a more formal conversation of the standards and best practices to help develop an environment in the Open Hardware space that continues to draw crowds.

Listen to the show with Simone Cicero and learn more about what took place at the Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam.


Some Side Notes:

  • An Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam concurrently took place in Berlin and Amsterdam.

  • This Documentation Jam appears to be the beginning of many.


Some Links from the Show:

  • General info on the outcome of the Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam

  • Here is the link to Google Docs that holds all the files from the Documentation Jam (AKA Epic Fail Link)

  • Potential software solutions to Taxonomy/Documention

Open Design Engine (This is from Mach 30 – I spoke with them here)


P.S.  I don’t think the OSH community wants any part of their industry referred to as nebulous.  There should be enough guidance for someone to declare a project [or parts of it] as Open Hardware and not be left wondering if they are “legit” or not.  These Documentation Jams sound like great ways to get down to some detailed issues in OSH community.  I am curious what your take on the Jam is…

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  1. […] goal was to rethink how documentation can work best in an open source world. In a recent radio interview, Doc Jam co-organizer Simone Cicero described the thrust of the work: “The idea is to build […]

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