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OSHGroup 040: Use embedXcode to program multiple development boards with Arduino code

eX 256Have you noticed lately that there are a ton of development boards out there? It seems like everyday new ones are being made – each of which have very cool hardware features.

Many of the new development boards are compatible with Arduino code, but they may require you to use their own Integrated Development Environment (IDE).  Which is fine, but can be a hassle at times.

What if you didn’t want to jump around to new IDEs to test out other dev boards?  What if you could use the same IDE to program multiple development boards and what if that IDE had more advanced features then the Arduino IDE?

Well you can.

For Mac users this can accomplished with embedXcode – a “plugin” that works with Xcode, which allows you to do just this.

This weeks show is an interview with Rei Vilo – the creator of embedXcode.  We talk in depth about the features of embedXcode and what it brings to the table for you.

P.S. For those that don’t use Mac – the show is still very informative as there is an similar software that runs on PC (links below).

Show Links:

embedXcode website

Installation Video for embedXcode (mac users)

Similar software for PC users with Visual Studio:

Visual micro