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Build Your Arduino Projects

with Less Time, Frustration and More Independence.

From Beginner to Advanced

Learn exactly how to bring your creative Arduino projects to life, step-by-step, and stop endlessly searching for answers online

If you’re reading this, you can probably relate with one of these tracks...

You’re a seasoned electronics hobbyist who likes to build things - but the Arduino programming can feel like a foreign language to you.

You get stuck on the coding day after day, you know it should be a simple fix, but you can’t find any single resource which explains coding in simple, non-robotic terms...

“I’m OK with electronics, but the coding is cryptic!”

Or you could be totally new to electronics and programming - life isn’t easy for a beginner!

Overwhelmed and confused as to where to even start with bringing your creative Arduino projects to life.

You’re sick of poorly explained Youtube videos, or Google searches which assume you already know a bunch of stuff. How does everything fit together?

“There’s so much to take in. Is what I want to do even possible with Arduino?”

Or maybe you're a college professor or high school teacher that would like to teach this material to your class, but it's been a while and you realize that you need to brush up your own skills (or learn them from scratch) before teaching it to others.

"They want me to teach what next year!? I need some training myself."

Whether You're

an electronics hobbyist

struggling with programming

just getting started

overwhelmed with information

an educator

preparing for teaching

We have something right up your alley…


Do you ever feel like Goldilocks searching the web with your Arduino questions?

» This video tutorial is too long, too boring, to short...

» This article is too general, too technical, too specific...

» This lesson skips too many steps, is too vague, assumes too much...

Are you tired of time-wasting?

» Scrolling through lengthy web tutorials

» Google searches that turn into rabbit holes

» Trying to skip ahead through Youtube videos to find a specific answer that never comes up

» Books getting dust on your shelf

» “Beginners courses” which assume you have a PhD in interpretation


What if you could?

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Finally rest assured knowing you’re following the right steps, learning only the essentials and going from complete beginner to advanced Arduino project builder in a proven, systematic process

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Skip all the useless filler info added to keep you watching or reading, save endless hours of research and get straight to finishing your project

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Learn a new skill and capability that you can use on all types of projects

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Forget the frustration of knowing exactly what kind of answer you’re looking for, but just not knowing how to word your question

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Stop spending so much time on one project due to hieroglyph-like code, and finish your projects with more independence and creativity

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Know the exact terminology and language of Arduino, creating your projects and having fun while doing so

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Learn the nitty-gritty of programming made simple, in one easy-to-understand, affordable place

We’re the Programming Electronics Academy

P.E.A. is the place smart people go to learn everything from the basics of Arduino programming and electronics, to the more advanced level of thinking about how to best create and design programs for Arduino.


We offer concise, structured HD video courses designed to take you from beginner or intermediate project enthusiast to confident builder and programmer with less time and effort.

That’s why we offer a variety of courses, ranging from our Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners 2.0 to our Electronics Mini Course and more, designed to give you the knowledge to find solutions as you go…

This means you can solve problems with your own brain.

Instead of always cutting and pasting code that you don't understand, you can develop a capability to make your own programs (and use other people's code without as much guess work!)

And of course, our academy memberships are extremely affordable and great value for the money...


Join over 1,600 students just like you who’ve had massive success with our curriculum, and have gone on to build fully-functioning Arduino projects (and enjoyed the process, too!)

Many of our students have used their projects for work, home-automation, just for fun, in the class room, and for science.

Let’s see what you get as soon as you join the academy:

This looks like a lot of work,
will I have the time?

You don’t have countless hours of free time laying around, especially to sit through hours of unnecessary video.

Don’t get us wrong, these courses aren’t for those looking for a ‘quick fix’, and to build mediocre projects. These are for folks who want to understand what they’re doing, instead of following a recipe book of generic projects. Still, you don’t have forever...

That’s why we’ve broken our curriculum down into specific chunks - so you can start wherever is most relevant for your exact needs.

Just starting out and need to know the essentials for a great project? Watch our Arduino Absolute Beginners Course…

Need to learn programming and Wifi integration? Check out our Absolute Beginners + IoT with ESP8266 Courses…

Gotta get to grips with Electronics + Arduino syntax? Our Electronics Mini Course + Absolute Beginners course are for you…

What’s more, all of our courses are available 24/7, viewable on any device and are suitable for those looking to sharpen your pre-existing knowledge as you go through a project.

The result?
You can open up new worlds of creative potential and take your projects to the next level, even if you have previous Arduino experience!

Dr Martin Heroux

"P.E.A is an invaluable resource.

Lessons are organized and progress seamlessly from the very basics of electronics and programming to more advanced topics.

The videos and supporting material are high-quality, with a bit of welcome humor thrown too.

I recommend Programming Electronics Academy to all makers interested in learning about electronics and Arduino."

Dr. Martin Héroux
Sydney, Australia

“This course is as good as any college course I’ve taken. I especially like the pdf book which comes with it, it’s a massive help for referencing throughout the build.”

Will Ellington
York, UK

“The teaching style in these courses is the best I’ve ever seen. He knows exactly where you might not understand and explains it in perfect detail. It’s like he’s mind reading! Never seen anything like it."

David Mackenzie
Dublin, Ireland

“I just completed a project using 2 arduinos... believe it or not, the hardest part was getting the powerup and powerdown sounds to only happen once. You Rock!”

Dan Massey
B.C., Canada

"The Children's Museum asked if I could bring a new element to our exhibits.

I knew Arduino was an awesome platform that could freshen up our experience...

I finally came across your courses and it took off from there...

Since then, I’ve introduced SIX Arduino projects in our exhibits!

One was even shipped to Bahrain for its debut! We’ve since used Arduino projects in a whole bunch of exhibits.

​​​​Without your course, I wouldn't have succeeded as fast as I did.

​​​​​​​Keep up the good work!”

Matt Niehaus
Indianapolis, USA

Ken Houlihan

“The project I am currently working on has now advanced in leaps and bounds. I am now starting to get the hang of reading other people's sketches and adopting to what I require.”

Ken Houlihan
Queensland Australia

These students and countless others like you have gone from confusion and frustration to building their Arduino projects with less time, effort and money.

Ready to join them?

We hope so.
But first, let’s look at your other options.

For less than the cost of a couple lattes a month, you could...

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Have immediate access to all this incredible HD video content, follow a proven, systematic process and cut straight ahead to building your projects in the next few days…

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Go from overwhelmed beginner to confident builder and programmer in A LOT less time than you think

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Build your Arduino projects with less dependence on others, and let your own creative spark shine through

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Cut out the fluff and filler, and gain a solid understanding of the Arduino tech, language, programming and electronics.

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Enjoy building your projects, rather than wanting to stomp on them (Stomping is still called for occasionally...)

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Maybe even showcase your projects at an upcoming tech event!

Or you can keep on...

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Keep struggling in the same project for weeks because you can’t figure out how the code and electronics work together

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Keep the frustration of looking for answers, but not knowing how to ask the right questions

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Be confused at all the different terminology and words, simply guessing and hoping it works in the end

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Feel overwhelmed with everything YOU THINK you need to learn in order to build your Arduino based projects

x mark

Keep hoping the next Youtube video will have the answer to the question you are looking for, or worse assumes you already know vital information

x mark

Keep going 5 pages deep into your Google search, looking for the right answer

If you want to jump start your Arduino education, and get your project rolling - we understand.

That’s why we created the Programming Electronics Academy for people just like you!


There’s absolutely no risk, either.

Try out our entire membership for a full 60 days. If you don’t like it, simply tell us and we’ll refund you every penny.

No strings attached. No questions asked. You literally can’t lose. (Though we doubt you’ll want to use this…)

How does that sound?

There’s only one step left to get started

Choose a membership option below and gain immediate access to our catalog of
HD video courses, and get building some of your amazing creations

"Everything is so well thought out and carefully presented... certainly the best experience I've had with online education."

Dave Carr
Southern California


$29 / month

+ Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners 2.0
+ LCDs, Servos, Twitter4J
+ Basic Electronics Mini-Course
+ Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners, 1.0 Training Archive
+ BONUS: IoT with the ESP8266 Mini-Course
+ BONUS: Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners 1st Edition eBook ($19.95 value!)


$99 / year

+ Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners 2.0
+ LCDs, Servos, Twitter4J
+ Basic Electronics Mini-Course
+ Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners, 1.0 Training Archive
+ BONUS: IoT with the ESP8266 Mini-Course
+ BONUS: Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners 1st Edition eBook ($19.95 value!)

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$299 / ONE-TIME

+ Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners 2.0
+ LCDs, Servos, Twitter4J
+ Basic Electronics Mini-Course
+ Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners, 1.0 Training Archive
+ BONUS: IoT with the ESP8266 Mini-Course
+ BONUS: Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners 1.0 eBook ($19.95 value!)​

These low prices won't last for long.

Lock in your academy membership price today!


Still have questions? No problem.

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