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Mini-Piano and more :: Student Projects

A great high school teacher can make an amazing impact. In fact, some may change the course of your life (or already have). A huge thanks to all the teachers out there!

The Arduino projects below are from Dallastown, PA where this last school year, a hard-working teacher was using our curriculum to help supplement teaching his students about programming and electronics.

Check out these great Arduino projects!

Digital Dice

Anyone up for a board game?


Small piano – big project.

Useless Machine

These never fail to make me smile.

Music Visualizer

I feel like a moth when I hit the replay button for the 3rd time.


Where was I in High School?

Is it me – or did you not do anything this cool in High School?

I guess I was just lame (and this is confirmed by my wife).  Well – if you did do cool stuff like this – good for you!  If not – then like me, you’ll have some catching up to do.

We are so pleased that some of our video curriculum was helpful in the classroom, and we look forward to partnering with more schools in the years to come.

Great projects all around – nice work!

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