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Arduino Circuit Breaker Simulator :: Student Project

Need to test some large circuit breakers?  You may have found your solution!  This Arduino circuit breaker simulator project was submitted by James, a student of the Arduino Course for Absolute Beginners.

Let me just say I am impressed – I wish I could build something half as cool!

James writes this about his project…

“I work at a power plant and we routinely test large circuit breakers. Because of the constant closing and tripping these breakers take a lot of needless wear and tear.

I decided to build a device that would simulate the breaker.

Large circuit breakers have several circuits that indicate open and close conditions, additionally they perform other functions like alarms and activating other relays.

Technicians needed a small lightweight device that could easily be plugged in and simulate all the same functions.”

Arduino Circuit Breaker Simlulator

James was kind enough to provide all the details of the project including the schematic and the code.

Schematic for the Arduino Circuit Breaker Simulator:


Arduino Code:

James would love to hear your comments and suggestions in the comments.


  1. Avatar Ramesha Dasharatharam on January 10, 2016 at 8:03 am

    Hi: would need to understand what all conditions of the breakers are simulated, could it be used for Medium Voltage breakers of 11kV as well?

  2. Avatar Mahira Banu on February 28, 2017 at 12:21 am

    Hai i would like to control circuit breaker from web application wil you help me and this code giving error “REady message is not decared in the scope”
    Will you pls guide me to clear the work

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