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Sound Activated Electronics Kits – a great way to share your hobby

Looking for a cool way to get your kids into electronics? You may want to check out this really cool sound activated necklace kit called Blipace. Check out below where we get “hands on” with this nifty project!

(Here’s a link where you can purchase a blipace)

The Blipace

We got to try this thing called a Bliplace the other day that’s made by a company called Rogue Making.

It’s a noise activated LED necklace that comes as a kit that you can solder together.

Blipace necklace

Who would like this kit? Well our kids definitely love it, and if you have people in your life that you’d like to share your hobby with, this is a really fun way to do it.

What’s in the box?

The kit includes three LEDs and a tiny little microphone. It’s also has a handful of resistors and capacitors that you solder onto it. It also came with a neat necklace band which has a little magnet clasp on it.

Lastly, it includes a really small micro-controller. It’s an ATtiny and its preloaded with the C+ code that makes the circuit work. It’s got a neat pattern that washes over all the LEDs when somebody talks.Blipace necklace components

How to build it

It’s pretty easy to put together and the instructions a really detailed. It’s so simple to construct, however, we didn’t really have to use instructions.

Overall it’s pretty fun to solder up. If you’re just getting started with soldering, the kit might be just a little bit tough because some of the components are close to each other. That being said if you’ve got some practice (and some patience) under your belt then you’ll be fine.

It takes one CR32 coin cell battery to run which is not included. All in all, it’s a fun little kit to put together and kids love it, so if you have kids then it’s a win-win.

Soldering the Blipace necklace

This is one of those small things that you can grab now and stash away as a Christmas present or a birthday present. In case you missed it, here’s the link again for where you can purchase it.

We hope you found that as interesting as we did. Have a wonderful day!

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