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LED Knuckle Glove using miniaturized Arduino LilyPad [Ozzy Osbourne Knuckle Tattoo Wanna Be]

Here my first go at an Arduino textile project.  It turned out to be pretty easy.

And I’d like to think that think Ozzy Osbourne would like it…

What You Need:

Click Here to Download this List and the Schematic

Circuit Setup:

I know – not very technical!  But hey – it’s the best way I felt I could communicate the layout.

LED Knuckle Glove_OP

All the lines in diagram indicate the conductive thread connections.  The two white circles on the thumb and pointer finger, are where you create “pads” by making multiple passes of the conductive thread.   The ovals on the knuckles are the LED circuit boards.


If you make one, let me know how it goes!


  1. […] Our friends over at the Open Source Hardware Group put together this great project of a making an LED knuckle glove using the TinyLily. They also have a number of tutorials on using the Arduino platform that is definitely worth checking out, learn more about it here. […]

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